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With so many tantric massage London providers in the city, it is very difficult to find an “authentic massage”. There are literally hundreds of companies and girls offering a massage, and most are definitely NOT an authentic tantric massage London experience.

Marylebone Tantric Massage

Somebody said girls in Escort company can not provide a good/real tantric massage: yes and No. Yes , most of escort company in London is purely escort agency and their girls are not trained and only can provide some rush body to body massage. But no, we are different – We are an escort company , but with our consistent focus on the quality of our services, our girls are all trained and able to provide the real erotic tantric massage services. Let me introduce you to our very special escort company. We are a professional, authentic tantric massage London specialist company. We offer the finest sensual massage London encounter. Our masseuses are not only stunningly beautiful, but they are fully trained and experienced in this amazing sensual massage, and they know how to ensure that your experience is one that you will never forget.

Our Erotic Massages

We provide the ultimate Tantric Massage London range of encounters in our services, including: –
Tantric Massage London Encounter (1 masseuse)
Four Hand Massage London Encounter (2 masseuses)
Nuru Massage London Encounter (1 or 2 masseuses)
Erotic Prostate Massage London Encounter (1 or 2 masseuses)
Full service massage.

The range of sessions are available at various lengths of time

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Our masseuses locating in Marylebone (NW1), you can enjoy an incall massage in marylebone or our masseuse is available to deliver the blissful session to your hotel in London & Heathrow.

the tantric massage fantasy

the tantric massage fantasy

What Will Your Massage Be Like?

Your massage will be incredible, you can be sure of that. I think it is best if I paint a picture of what you might expect from your session with one or even two of these beautiful ladies.

Imagine that you have had a tiring day. Maybe you have had a long flight, or a stressful day in the office. You call Fantasy Asian Escort London to make an appointment. You session is scheduled, and is arranged for say, early evening. As your appointment time gets close, you head to meet your stunning Asian escort. You arrive, and she instantly makes you feel at home. She smiles at you and asks you to join her. The room is laid out very sensuously, with a romantic atmosphere set in place by a combination of scented candles and gentle ambient music playing in the background. The atmosphere is at an optimum level to let the sensual massage London experience captivate you.

Your masseuse now asks you to undress and lie naked on the bed. You follow her instructions. As you lie down, you see her coming in to sight. The lighting is low, and you see her silhouette at first. Her figure is beautiful. As she approaches, you see that she too is completely naked too. She smiles at you and gently strokes her hand across your back. You anticipation is now heightened, as she pours rich, quality sensual massage oils on to your back. Even this is done sensuously, and you know you are in for an experience to remember.

Your Tantric Massage London encounter is now in full swing after 30 minutes or so. Before now, your masseuse has been building the moment, gradually increasing the intensity and the intimacy between you and her. She now gracefully glides her body across yours. She breathes gently in your ear, and lets her hair brush against your neck and cheek. Her cheek touches yours, and she breathes gently in your ear once again just before she moves her body over yours once again.

Now she asks you to lie on your back, and the session is about to come to its full intensity. She carries out the same process that she did on your back, only now, she is placing the focus on your lingam (penis) and other intimate private parts. She continues to glide her body across yours, and now this amazing session has become a truly erotic massage London encounter.

You massage is built up in intensity, until during the last 10 – 15 minutes, the focus of the tantric massage is on your lingam. She pours the oil on the head of your lingam, and skillfully massages. This is now the height of the tantric massage London experience. Your masseuse will lead you to encounter the most outstanding sensual erotic orgasm you will ever have had.
She slowly winds down the massage, as you lie there for a moment, enjoying what may well have been the most exciting experience you have ever had in your life.

Quality Authentic Tantric Massage London Encounter

the statue of tantric massage

the statue of tantric massage

This is what a truly authentic tantric massage should be like, and is not really available like this from most places or girls in London. We are a highly reputable provider of this specialist massage, and have been providing tantric massage in London Marylebone for many years.

We are very friendly, and aim to ensure that your experience is absolutely sensational.

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